Malvolia Gregory, MA, MFT

Malvolia Gregory, MA, MFT

I am a retired Virginia State Licensed Professional School Counselor who has worked in the Fairfax County Public School System as well as the D.C. Public School System. I completed my undergraduate work in Education from D .C. Teacher's College in Washington, D.C. and earned my Master's Degree in Guidance and Counseling from Trinity College in Washington, D.C. I completed the Post Masters Program in Marriage and Family Therapy at Virginia Tech. I am a native of Georgia. I am married and have two adult children.

As a result of my counseling background, I bring a wealth of experience to the Gil Institute. I have worked extensively with at-risk children and adolescents experiencing socio-emotional, academic and relational challenges. I have facilitated parenting workshops using the Screamfree Parenting model and I continue to use psycho-education and parent coaching as integral parts of the treatment plan. I have been able to integrate my knowledge and skills while working in various clinical settings.

By using a variety of expressive therapies I have been able to provide group, family and individual therapy to clients experiencing trauma, stress, depression and anxiety. I have co-facilitated various groups including, non-offending caregiver support group, problem sexual behavior group, and parenting support group. In addition, I have presented on topics such as grief and loss and play therapy.

I have received specialized training in the use of the Extended Play Based Developmental Assessment (Gil); Boundary Project Assessment and Treatment Program (Gil & Shaw); and Trauma-Focused Integrative Play Therapy (Gil).

I enjoy learning and working with the gifted, extraordinary colleagues who I will be continuing with at the Gil Institute. I have the benefit of working with a special group of individuals who have also been inspired by the genius of Dr. Eliana Gil. We share the same vision, the same passion and share the same level of commitment to providing quality clinical services.