Comprehensive Clinical Assessment of Treatment Needs (CCA-TN)

Gil Institute's Comprehensive Clinical Assessment of Treatment Needs (CCA-TN) is a time-limited specialized intake process conducted by a licensed mental health professional with training and experience in the assessment of traumatic impact on development and global functioning. This service is designed for complex situations, referrals for multiple family members, or referrals that include uncertainty about the priority service need. The CCA-TN is offered as an extended confidential intake process to either secure an appropriate Gil Institute service, or to provide clinical consultation with a recommendation for services outside of Gil Institute. Safety considerations, risk factors, and systemic concerns are discussed at the outset to determine if emergency services should be secured prior to obtaining therapy services. The CCA-TN written summary can serve as a roadmap for individual and family recovery needs at the time of the referral by pinpointing specific concerns regarding developmental, psychological, psychosocial, and relational functioning.


The CCA-TN process requires a minimum of 3 hours to complete a 90-minute clinical interview; review current and relevant information; and provide a written summary of impressions and priority treatment needs. This information gathering process is intended to offer informed clinical impressions and service recommendations that might include individual, family, couple, group, or parent-child therapy services. A brief written summary to synthesize information that helps us arrive at explicit recommendations is provided. When clinically appropriate, the CCA-TN summary can be provided to recommended service providers. The clinical interview phase of this process can be completed in person, by phone, or by way of HIPAA approved video conferencing("Zoom").