Trauma-Focused Theory

Trauma Focused image

Gil Institute clinicians recognize the hardships of developmental stressors that often seem tmporarily overwhelm the person’s ability to cope. We also understand that early injuries can impair a person’s social, behavioral, and emotional functioning in many ways.

We believe that individuals have natural reparative strategies that allow them to overcome tremendous adversities and still find creative ways to self-soothe and move forward.

In our approach with children, we believe that children’s developmental age, their gender and culture, as well as their family context, will all play a part in how their stressors are experienced and processed.

We also believe that it is important to achieve some form of closure on traumatic experiences so that they don’t interfere with later functioning. The primary goal of trauma work is to facilitate a process of re-establishing personal power and control, defusing and mediating traumatic impact over time so it’s viewed as an event, not a definition of self.