Parent Coordinator

A Parenting Coordinator (PC) is a professional who works as a neutral person to help high-conflict families reduce disagreements and shield their children from parental issues and loyalty binds.

The primary goal of a Parenting Coordinator is to help parents focus on successful communication, conflict resolution skills, and behaving in ways that decreases the impact of divorce on children. Towards this end, the PC will provide useful information on child development, how to speak to children in ways they understand, and how to identify and respond to children's signs of stress or confusion. In this way, the PC helps parents facilitate a positive adjustment for their children, avoiding the inconvenience and expense of ongoing court battles.

 A Parent Coordinator can be called to court to testify on the progress made in parenting sessions, as well as the dynamics between parents that contribute to or stall the process of parenting in the best interests of the children. Using a Parent Coordinator can help in avoiding both the stress and the expense of on-going court battles.