Trauma-Focused Inegrated Play Therapy (TF IPT)

TF IPT Image

Developed by Eliana Gil, Trauma-Focused Integrated Play Therapy is relationship-based and utilizes principles of child-centered play therapy in order to:

  1. allow children to self-direct;
  2. give children an experience of control and mastery; and
  3. permit children to access natural healing mechanisms such as post-trauma play. 

By giving children opportunities to work in a permissive setting, clinicians observe and document how children utilize gradual exposure, gain an understanding of traumatic experiences, discharge affect, and begin to manage experiences that can feel overwhelming or frightening. This service is offered in 12 individual sessions (once weekly) to children and adolescents with a history of trauma. The TF IPT curriculum is administered by clinicians with specialized training and experience in trauma-informed therapies, to include completion of Dr. Eliana Gil’s TF IPT training intensive.