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Gil Institute offers a variety of assessment and therapy services designed to create a safe environment for individuals, children, couples, and families to process past traumas, receive holistic treatment, and work towards a renewed personal control, relational health, and a successful future.

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Trauma Informed Therapy Made Simple

We believe everyone can transform past, traumatic experiences create loving bonds, and live a life full of purpose. To do so, we help our clients process previous traumatic events and discover healthy ways to manage their lives. Through our holistic approach, we build treatment plans designed to focus on overcoming mental, emotional, and behavioral barriers to obtain a corrective experience and become future-oriented.

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Trauma Recovery Therapies That Work

Detailed Assessments

Our assessments review several areas of concern to help determine the best treatment options.

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Integrative Treatment

We use trauma-focused treatment lenses and provide integrated treatment approaches specific to each client.

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Who We Support

We have therapy services for individual adults, teens, children, families, couples, and parent-child dyads.

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Integrative Therapies

We practice expressive, cognitive-behavioral, attachment-based, and trauma-focused therapies.

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Our Licensed Therapists Have Unique Experience and Training

We provide diverse therapeutic approaches designed to target specific concerns.

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Gil Institute Partners

The past two years have been extremely challenging for us all, and the Gil Institute is here to help.

Interviews with Dr. Gil

Eliana Gil speaks on play, play therapy, and trauma in an interview with

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