About The
Gil Institute

The Gil Institute for Trauma Recovery & Education, LLC, is an evidence-based group private practice that provides trauma and practice informed mental health services to individuals, especially young children, who have endured traumatic experiences. We use a systemic, contextual lens to consider the family functioning and support related health.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower clients to access reparative resources, to acknowledge and express their pain in a variety of verbal and nonverbal ways, and to reduce the power of a traumatic event or relationship, so that healthy choices become real options.

Our Philosophy

The Gil Institute for Trauma Recovery & Education clinicians believes that everyone can process their painful experiences, create loving bonds, and live a life full of purpose. To do so, we help our clients face previous traumatic events and discover healthy ways to manage their current lives. We build integrated treatment plans so our clients can focus on overcoming mental, emotional, and behavioral barriers to restore personal control.

Supportive Services

When working with young children, our clinicians use therapeutic approaches that are child-sensitive, developmentally appropriate, and maintain sensitivity to gender-differences, as well as cultural diversity. We believe that children have the innate capacity towards self-repair and are uniquely equipped with the capacity for mastery. Some children and/or teens may need to be invited or encouraged toward mastery opportunities, in which cases integrated approaches will be utilized by trained clinicians.

In addition to working with children, our clinicians provide services to young adults, parents and extended family members. Our clinical interests include a focus on guiding caregivers to establish or strengthen attachment-building strategies that are widely recognized as effective (Theraplay and Circle of Security Parenting Program). We provide a range of expressive therapies to children and families, including sand, play, and art therapy that are purposefully applied to promote treatment goals.

Clinical Staff

Our clinical staff is uniquely trained to work with children, families, and adults in individual, group, couples, or family therapy formats. In addition, our clinicians have ample familiarity with trauma-related issues such as attachment, emotional dysregulation, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms, and related symptoms such as self-injury, dissociation, eating concerns, loss issues, and sexual behaviors.

We remain conversant with the current literature on the subject of trauma and effective treatments, and we offer a holistic approach, sensitive to brain development, physical and somatic impact, as well as emotional, psychological, behavioral and social difficulties.

We have a variety of treatment options to help you on your path to wellness.

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